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The Wairoa Special Stage is a popular addition to the Shannons Adelaide Rally, specially designed to allow convenient access for spectators to see the whole field in action.

Running for one kilometre from Aldgate through the esses to Stirling, Wairoa offers exciting viewing positions along its length. Spectators can see the cars take off from Aldgate or enter the viewing area from the Stirling end of the stage, where the elevated area among the pines offers plenty of viewing positions. 

In Aldgate, fans can see the cars up close as they form up along the main street. Cars will launch from Aldgate near Euston Road and head up under the railway bridge towards the jump at Arkaba Road before they wind their way through the pines towards Stirling.


Elevated viewing will be available among the trees on the western side of Mount Barker Road, which will be accessible from the Stirling end of the stage.

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