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adelaide tourist trophy

Crews who reside outside of South Australia entered in Classic and Modern Challenge Category are eligible for the Adelaide Tourist Trophy.

With the Adelaide Rally being renowned for its highly technical stages that are serpentine, tight and challenging, the event already attracts nearly 20% of its field from interstate.

The TT provides an even greater incentive to compete and rewards those from outside the state who rank highest in results with a half metre high trophy which will be awarded to both the fastest Classic and Modern crews residing outside of South Australia.


Competitor documents are made available for download here. Check here often for new documents and updated versions of documents as they are developed.


participant noticeboard

Notices for participants will be posted here on-event. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest from Rally HQ. The most recent notices are placed at the top of the list.


technical regulations

Vehicles entering the competitive categories of the event must comply with the Technical Regulations of one of (not part of one or another) the regulations below. 

Motorsport Australia Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations - Modern ( 1986+)

Motorsport Australia Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations-Classic (pre1986)

Motorsport Australia Historic Rally Car Regulations

Motorsport Australia Classic Rally Car Regulations

Motorsport Australia Group 3C Production Rally Car Regulations 

Motorsport Australia Group 3C Club Rally Car Regulations

Challenge Category also has additional freedoms in relation to wheel size, turbocharger, intercooler, intake and roll cage which are detailed in the Supp Regs.

If you have a technical query please contact the Chief Scrutineer Ben Afford affben92@aol.com 

Drivers and navigators in Tour, Spirit and Challenge categories must have a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence. This licence can be arranged via the Motorsport Australia website and requires current membership of a Motorsport Australia -affiliated car club. Click here to apply direct with Motorsport Australia.