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Mission Zero is not a new initiative, it is one that the Shannons Adelaide Rally has adopted for many years. Now we are exposing it to the participant base it has its own branding and many touch points for everyone involved in the event.

As a participant you will learn about Mission Zero in the online and physical briefings at the Shannons Adelaide Rally and you will see the Mission Zero branding across all marketing material related to the event. You will be asked to create your own Mission Statement in relation to safety and make a commitment to adopt the safety principles we employ. 

Mission Zero isn’t just about looking after your own safety, but also looking out for others. It is a philosophy that we all live by when we are on-event and it extends through to volunteers, officials and contractors on event.

Are you committed to play your part to continue to maintain Zero Critical Incidents? If you are then you are; Mission Zero Committed.


“At the Shannons Adelaide Rally we strive to constantly improve safety outcomes that deliver sustainability to our sport by way of using data, innovation, expertise, and technology. Our Value exists in all the human lives surrounding our event. Our Goal is to protect our value and maintain zero critical incidents related to our event”

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