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The 2021 Shannons Adelaide Rally is going to be a treat for rally fans. Not only do we have dedicated spectator zones each day, we are also going to be livestreaming up to five hours of rally action each day.

We’ll be streaming selected stages on each of the four days of the event, using up to eight cameras to capture the cars as they leave the start line and head into the stage. Two stages each day will be streamed, delivering a total of around five hours of viewing per day.

With Competition cars leaving the start line at 30-second intervals, the livestream will capture them for the first 25-30 seconds of the stage, before switching back to the start line for the next starter, allowing viewers to get a clear view of the differences in style and speed among the field.

Catch the livestream on our Facebook page: 


Please note that scheduled times are subject to alteration on-event.

Day 1
thursday november 25

Special Stage 4
Morialta 1 

First Competition car due 11:43am

Special Stage 6
Morialta 2 

First Competition car due 1:41pm

Day 2
Friday november 26

Special Stage 10

First Tour car due 9:03am 
First Competition car due 10:11am

Special Stage 18
Stafford Hillclimb

First Tour car due 3:18pm
First Competition car due 4:26pm

Day 3
saturday november 27

Special Stage 19
Snake Gully

First car due 9:03am
First Competition car due 10:11am

Special Stage 28

First car due 3:14pm
First Competition car due 4:22pm

Day 4
sunday november 28

Special Stage 29
Mt Lofty

First car due 10:01am
First Competition car due 11:09am

Special Stage 34

First car due 2:32pm
First Competition car due 3:40pm