The Adelaide Rallysprint is the perfect lead-in to the greater Adelaide Rally. Comprising 12 stages over 1 day this event takes in a Tour, Spirit Tour, Challenge and Competition Categories with awards for Modern and Classic (pre1986) cars in both Challenge and Competition. Entry numbers will be limited.

The event is based at Cudlee Creek Tavern and Caravan Park, delivering direct economic benefit to the region.

From here cars set out on three loops of the course that takes in Anstey Hill and Gorge Road Stages run in both directions.

The Adelaide Rallysprint is the ideal event to shake down your car before December's Adelaide Rally and utilises roads that are integrated into the Adelaide Rally course.

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The event includes  Tour, Spirit, Challenge and Competition/Category S sections to suit drivers and vehicles of all levels.  The planned itinerary is below:

Saturday 5th October - Pre Event Scrutiny location TBA 

Sunday 6th October - Drivers Briefing - Cudlee Creek Tavern

SS01 - Vista

SS02 - Pinkerton Gully 
SS03 - Paracombe
SS04 - Prairie
SS05 - Vista2

SS06 - Pinkerton Gully 2
SS07 - Paracombe 2
SS08 - Prairie 2

LUNCH - Cudlee Creek Tavern

SS09 - Karrawirra

SS10 - Kangaroo Creek

SS11 - Athelstone
SS12 - Anstey



Enjoy the freedom of closed-road touring.  Participants run ahead of the competition in packets, each with a tour leader who sets a swift and enjoyable pace on flowing, serpentine roads.  Participants tackle each of the 11 stages of the event.

Entry is open to modern and classic cars with current registration. The Tour may include various manufacturer tour groups. Driver and Navigator must have a CAMS Level 2S licence. Entry fee: $750



Redefining the spirited drive in an untimed, non-competitive category. Our tour leaders lead packets of cars at a swift pace on challenging, technical roads. The speed limit on closed road sections is 120kmh. Helmets are required as is a Rallysafe fitting kit. CAMS Level 2S Licence must be held by Driver and Navigator. Entry fee: $1150


Open to modern and classic cars with awards given for both groups. Competitors are released at 30-second intervals and are timed over closed-road stages, with the fastest time winning. A 130kmh speed limit applies on closed road stages, with time penalties for breaches. Cars must have a half roll cage fitted and comply with general safety requirements. Technical freedoms are quite broad for this category that encourages those with hillclimb and track day cars as well as modified street cars to enter. Participants must wear a Frontal Head Restraint System (HANS or similar). Vehicles must have a Rallysafe fitting kit installed.  Participants take part in all stages of the rally. CAMS Level 2S licencing is the minimum requirement for Driver and Navigator. Entry fee: $1250


The Competition section is the premium category in the event. The category is timed and trophies awarded. Modern and classic cars are catered for in two separate competitions. All cars must be fitted with a full roll cage and comply with CAMS Tarmac or Gravel Rally Regulations as stated below. A Rallysafe Fitting kit must be installed. Non-compliant cars may be eligible for demonstration class Category S inclusion . Competitors are released at 30-second intervals and timed, and the competition is run under rally regulations. CAMS National Rally Driver and Navigator licences are minimum requirement. Entry fee: $1350



Cars not meeting one set of Technical regulations set out below may be eligible to enter Category S provided they have general safety requirements meeting that of the CAMS Tarmac Rally Regulations ( Modern or Classic).  Category S Cars are not eligible for awards but will be timed and results published. Cars must have a Rallysafe fitting kit installed. CAMS National Rally Driver and Navigator licences are minimum requirement. Entry fee: $1350



Technical Regulations are:

Vehicles entering the competitive categories of Modern and Classic Competitions must comply with the Technical Regulations of one of (not part of one or another) the regulations below:

CAMS Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations-Modern (post 1986)

CAMS Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations-Classic (pre1986)

CAMS Targa Australia Technical Regulations as stipulated by CAMS

NOTE: FURHER REGULATIONS ADDITION:  2WD & 4WD Challenge competition vehicles may comply with: Group 3C Club Rally Regulations.

Please Read the Supp Regs Here

If you have a technical query please contact the Chief Scrutineer Alan Pickstock on 0413516246